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First Shoshin Holdings, Inc. invests in and builds solutions that improve lives and experiences to help make the world extraordinary.

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Jojo Delivery

An on-demand delivery app that connects Senders with Transporters, bringing back the sense of community while helping augment the income of everyday Filipinos.


The platform for a tokenised gaming ecosystem that provides game publishers and game developers a framework for monetization, security, and licensing.


Stable global digital currency for stable global value transfers


Blockchip Philippines is a software development company with industry expertise in blockchain technologies. We pride ourselves in digital transformation and market disruption through cutting-edge engineering solutions.


Comprehensive blockchain banking platform

Masantol Rural Bank

Bridging traditional banking and the emerging opportunities offered by blockchain technology


Simplifying the acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies

Real Estate

The First Shoshin building is home to its business operations, and is soon to become a FinTech Hub. It’s strategic location makes it an attractive retail and commercial space for businesses and creates an opportunity to generate real estate-related revenue streams.

About Us


For First Shoshin and its founders, a higher valuation is just half the goal. Our team is motivated by a common drive to change and improve the way we interact with the world around us - one product at a time. We are committed to investing in ideas, solutions, and people to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.

Established March 31, 2017 and founded by husband and wife tandem Jack and Sally Ponce-Enrile, First Shoshin Holdings, Inc. aims to invest in innovative companies and build a portfolio of sustainable investments with a focus on technology, banking, finance, logistics, blockchain, and gaming. First Shoshin is driven by its dedication to improve the lives and experiences of the Filipino people, build value for its shareholders, clients, and employees, and contribute to social and economic development.

We invest and support organizations who are focused on addressing gaps in the market. What makes us different is that we do not only invest in products but also in the people and their ability to design, create, implement, and execute large-scale “problem solving” solutions to make life easier and customer experiences better.

Mission and Vision



To be a world-class conglomerate committed to investments that improve the lives of Filipinos, dominant in its key sectors, sought after by global and local investors seeking strategic partnership opportunities, and a major contributor to national development and global competitiveness


We will leverage our distinct competencies and experiences to:

  1. invest in companies vital to becoming a market leader in identified key sectors,
  2. build and drive innovative business solutions and strategies that meet the needs of our customers,
  3. ensure sustainable long-term profitability,
  4. provide the highest standard of service and value to shareholders, affiliates, regulators, creditors, employees, and communities in which we operate, and
  5. create synergies, provide career opportunities, and contribute to making lives better for Filipinos.

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